5 Living Room Design Ideas That Will Make It Look Lot Better

As they say that ‘first impression is the last impression’, so it wouldn’t be wrong to say that living room pretty much decides what people think about your house. Your living room is a part of your social life and portrays your social standing. Be it friends, relatives, colleagues from work or an unknown guest, we all want to impress them all with our taste of interior décor.

This post will make you familiar with some cool living room design ideas that will not only impress your guests but will also make it a better livable space.

Do the Research
You must have a rough outline in your mind to begin with your living room interior decoration. Take help of the internet, interior décor magazines, catalogues, etc. to get some insights to begin with the process.

Choose the Right Furniture
Your Living space is beautiful. Your furniture is awesome. But if both don’t go along with each other, all your efforts will go in vain. Therefore, choosing the right patterns, textures, prints and colors for furniture is crucial.


Make It Look More Spacious
Here you need to be a little smarter. Knowledge of right placement of furniture comes handy here. For instance, not lining up furniture against the wall. Additionally, using light shades for wall, proper lightening, & wide entry are some handy tips in this context.

Lit the Space with Proper Lightening
To create an ideal living room ambience, proper lightening is crucial. Not only does it brightens the space, but also brightens the mood. Plus, scented candles with mild fragrance is another cool idea to lit up the mood.

Mind the Free Space
What’s the point of a living room if you can’t move around with ease? Besides, you certainly don’t want to look your living room like a furniture store. So, the right selection and placement of furniture, all add up to this point.

Arabesque sideboard in printed

In addition to these, using paintings and artifacts are a few options that always work in making your living room more attractive.

Tell us in the comment section below if you found these tips helpful in decorating your living room. In case, you have another design idea to add to this list, then you are certainly most welcome.


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